Blogging + Social Media

social media

Hey guys, Today’s blog post is all about social media, and my top places to share my blog and its posts – and the order of importance. I don’t expect to introduce anything new, or tell you anywhere different to ...

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Chronic Daily Migraine


Hey Guys – welcome back to Love Amybecca. Today’s post is a bit of a personal one, about what happened when I got ill last year. When it happened I pretty much kept it off the blog and social media, ...

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Promote-a-Friend: Laurart


Hello Friends, thank you for clicking on this blog post – today’s topic is promotion, well not so much promotion but today I am coming to you with a little bit of promotion – of a friend who has a ...

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New Nautical themed phone case!

Phone Case Ipad

Hey guys, Today I want to talk about my brand new phone case. I love a good phone case, and not only are they practical at keeping your phone safe from knocks and drops, but they can also look cute ...

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